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Safe Kids Day in New York City

Pedestrian Safety A Child's Perspective
SAFE KIDS             DAY
April 12, 2014

Heatstroke, Never Leave a Child Alone in a Car

Heatstroke Click to View Video
On the first Wednesday of every month, Safe Kids USA will post a heatstroke message on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness about the importance of never leaving a child alone in a car. The goal is to provide a consistent drumbeat of messaging throughout the spring, summer and fall, and we’d love for you to join us. Click Here
for more information on Heatstroke and 'Never Leave Child Alone'
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Children's Water Safety

Childrens Drowning Safety
Dr Nelson G. Rosen MD, FACS, FAAP
Pediatric Trauma Director
Cohen Children's Medical Center
North Shore LIJ
"Talks about Water Safety"

Excellence in Program Innovation

             Congratulations to
          Safe Kids Upstate NY

      Our NY State Coalition has
won the United States Network Award
 "Excellence in Program Innovation"

Amanda Griffin, Coordinator of Safe Kids Upstate NY accepting the Award

Car Seats A Child's Perspective Car Seats Safety From the Kids

SAFE KIDS New York State
   Coalition Coordinator:
   Rosemarie Ennis, EMT

Contact Information
NS-LIJ Health System
Department of Professional & Public Health Education
175 Community Drive
Great Neck, N.Y. 11021


Rosemarie Ennis

Imagine a World Where Every Kid is a Safe Kid
Imagine a World Where
Every Kid is a Safe Kid

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Check out the new Safe Kids Worldwide Web Site. Listen to what Kate Carr, President and CEO of Safe Kids has to say.

Injuries caused by accidents and violence are the third leading cause of death nationally

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation created a report on a State By State basis of Injury Prevention Policies.
Focus One is on State ranking of injuries caused by accidents and violence.
Focus Two is on State policies to prevent injuries.
There are 10 indicators of injury prevention across each state that offer an overview of areas of strengths and weakness in state policies to prevent injuries.
These indicators are: Seatbelts, Drunk Driving, Motorcycle Helmets, Booster Seats, Bicycle Helmets, Partner Violence, Teen Dating Violence, Concussions, Prescription Drugs and E-Codes.
# For each of these Injury Prevention Policy focuses, New York State ranked nationally at the top for the lowest death rate due to injuries and nationally at the top for the strongest state policies to prevent injuries. Out of the 10 indicators, New York meet 9 of these.
SAFE KIDS New York does a lot of work in the areas of many of these Safety Indicators.

Click the Facebook image to view this report. Click either map to view the interactive map.

# State by State Safety Indicators: Seat Belts [ Is there a primary seat belt law ], Drunk Driving [ Require mandatory ignition interlocks for convicted drunk drivers ], Motorcycle Helmets [ Helmet law for all Motorcycle riders ], Booster Seats [ Require car seats or booster seats for children to at least the age of 8 ], Bicycle Helmets [ Require helmets for all children ], Partner Violence [ Can people in dating relationships get protection orders ], Teen Dating Violence [ Does the state revieve an "A" grade for teen dating violence laws from analysis by the 'Break the Cycle' organization ], Concussions   [ Is there a strong youth sports concussion law ], Prescription Drugs [ Is there a prescription drug monitoring program ], E-Codes [ Did more than 90% of injury discahrges from hospitals receive external cause of injury coding in the state ]

Safety Videos

Safe Storage, Safe Dosing
Choking Hazard - Batteries
Safety Tips
TV Tip Overs
Drug Safety
Stop Look Listen
The Right Seat
Pedestrian Safety
Water Safety